A Wing Weekend Away

A Wing Weekend Away

wpid-20150927_122242.jpgWhat would you consider the most important part of being a fairy? I’d most likely say…they wings! Well, for our group costumes for Tinkerbell and friends, we decided to learn from one of the best wing-makers we knew! So, we took a long 2 hour trip to join our friend Elizabeth Hall in her neck-of-the-woods, Sarasota to begin construction on our fairy wings.

Elizabeth is a friend and a fellow member of our Guardians of Justice non-profit organization. She created a cosplay of Tooth from the Rise of the Guardians movie and won a craftsman ship award at 2015’s Tampa Bay Comic Con.

Over the entire weekend, we spent around 16 hours on our wing constructions, from deciding the height of our wings, cutting wire, wrapping said wire in masking tape, and creating intricate patterns within our wing outlines. Never the less, our fingertips were crazy sore afterwards. lol

Lots of recording happened and we’ll be compiling the ULTIMATE wing creating tutorial after everything is all said and done! You just wait!

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