AtoZ’s 2015 Highlights

AtoZ’s 2015 Highlights

This year has been a whirlwind! In part, I can’t believe it’s over…and yet, thinking back to try to remember all the things that have happened, it feels like some were many years ago lol. 2015 was a year of learning and growing as cosplayers and community people. Not to mention, sharing that knowledge and community love with others. It’s been quite a year and we’ve been so happy that we’ve had you to share it with. So, let’s take some time to reflect on A to Z Cosplay’s 2015!

Giving back with Guardians of Justice

Nathaniel's Hope Make 'm SmileOur non-profit organization of cosplays for charity work was re-launched in April. Oh man, it has been amazing to be a part of this group and to help lead it alongside so many great people. We have recruited lots of new members, approved so many amazing characters, attended multiple events, made numerous children smile, and got tons of hugs! It doesn’t get much better than that, guys and gals!

wpid-fb_img_1430024066768.jpgMike and I assist in running the council of the Guardians of Justice alongside our 3 friends Xavier, Valarie, and Georgieanna. Mike holds the title of Chief of Logistics, making sure that all of our members are aware of things when scheduling events. I work as the Director of Operations…honestly, I can’t even begin to go into all the things I do, but I sure do love doing it all!

Rarely have I had more rewarding experiences in my life as I have had this year with charity work in costume…and as a handler for our members.

Winning our first costume contest

Syfy Saturday Bartow 2015In 2014 Mike made our Star Trek Wrath of Khan Uniforms by hand, using movie notations for fabric selections and patterns. In February of 2015 we wore these uniforms and both of us went full Vulcan for our first time to SyFy Bartow and won their mastery level costume contest. The trophy that we were awarded was huge and we were soooo excited!

The best thing about this (aside from the trophy of course) is that Mike was rewarded for pouring so much love into the costumes that he made for us. These uniforms were a dream of ours to create and frankly, I think we look amazing in them!

Earning my wings as Periwinkle

BASE Camp Pixie Hollow with Guardians of Justice I ended 2015 with a large group cosplay for our charity organization. I and 6 of my (if they weren’t before, they are now) closest friends became the Fairies of Pixie Hollow.

Earlier in the year, I assisted one of my besties in creating her first costume, Tinkerbell and I knew that becoming her sister fairy would soon have to follow.

Periwinkle is by far my most accurate and impressive costume yet if you ask me. From working on the wings, the wig, the costume…it’s all on point, and I’m so proud to wear it…Even more so when you have your fairy friends with you.

Bad guys of Gotham – Two-Face and Ivy

Gods and Monsters opening

After being heroes together for so long, it was time for Mike and I to go bad and who knows bad better than Gotham? We decided to bring Two-Face and Poison Ivy to life to bring to our charity functions and the cons we attend.

While Mike still is working on the dress coat for his costume, we did get to debut our costumes together for the first time at the grand opening of Gods & Monsters. I can easily say that they were quite a hit.

Unfortunately, Ivy is a more original design and won’t be worn as often as expected, but I really would love to lose weight and get into the animated version of her someday.

Youtube channel launch

On January 2nd we launched our first Youtube channel and I can say, without a doubt, that I am completely and utterly hooked! In our first year, we have received over 7,000 views of our currently uploaded 19 public videos. That’s freaking phenomenal! Not to mention, we have 85 subscribers…so exciting!

Video tutorials for the year include my Mighty Morphin Power Ranger helmet making series, AnswerIn5 series of friends and I answering questions and a rant here and there. I have so many more things planned for next year, you should totally subscribe as well!

First time styling a wig!

12377622_916271915107816_7576937543086153353_oI use to always be so jealous of the cosplayers that can manage to style their own wigs…and actually, look like their characters after the fact. Well, I feel like I am getting to the amateur level and ready to join the ranks of those awesome people.

My Periwinkle wig was my first “pricy” wig and the first I’ve ever attempted to style, other than just pushing the bangs out of my face. I had to go so far as to tease, cut, and add foam underneath it for a base. Afterward, I was confident enough to help others in the group with their wigs. I think this is an important skill that I’ve started to harness and I’m excited to see what more I can learn in the future.

OMG All the new friends!!

I’m happy to say that Mike and I have met and befriended so many people this year. Through the small conventions that we have attended around the area and recruits within our nonprofit organization. I can’t even begin to guess how many new people I’ve added to my ever-growing list of contacts.

You find some of the best people in the strangest ways…It’s obviously fate at that point right?


That’s it, guys…the most note-able moments for A to Z Cosplay of 2015. Join the ride in 2016!

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