Body suit in the making

Body suit in the making

So, I have begun the process of making my first body suit. I spent a decent amount of time deciding what spandex I wanted to use for my more accurate remake of Black Widow, and deciwpid-20150617_194132.jpgded to make a test body suit first, to not waste fabric and to make the next BW the best it can be. I ended up buying milliskin matte spandex in black from Spandex World. They’re great because you can order samples to check the stretch, weight, and shine before you make the big purchase, because you know spandex ain’t cheap.

Thanks to the Kwik Sew body suit pattern from McCalls (that I picked up from their new website marketing to cosplays during a pretty awesome sale they were having) I was able to get started without feeling too self conscious about how things would go.
One thing that I did make sure to do was the make a trace of my pattern in the size that I wanted to use so that the full pattern would remain in tact for future use…honestly, in hopes that I lose weight and need to use smaller sizes in the future. You learn, you grow, you do better next time.


So I managed to get her all cut out ( I tried to make my cut lines as perfect as possible) and now I have my sewing machine set to do a locking stitch. Also, I have my pieces pinned and ready to sew the front (below the zipper area), the shoulders, and the back. So, that’s what’s next. Wish me luck!

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