Ariel Pink Dress

Ariel’s Pearl Earrings DIY

When making my Ariel Pink Ballgown cosplay, I wanted to be in charge of how everything looked for the costume, including every accessory. This Ariel costume requires the pearl barrettes and earrings to be completed. I looked all over the internet for affordable pearl or even fake pearl earrings

Making Ariel’s Pink Ballgown

The project was a long time coming. Ariel is by far my favorite princess and I have always wanting to bring her to life. With the charity work that Mike and I do, kids always love to see a Princess

Ariel Pink Dress Photoshoot At MegaCon

MegaCon 2016 was the debut of my Ariel pink ballgown cosplay. This costume was a dream come true to create. While I have to admit that it was tighter on me than intended, it made sense afterwards when I discovered that I was pregnant with the first A to Z

Making Ariel’s Pearl Barrettes

In this specific cosplay, Ariel wears pearl barrettes. A lot of creators sell replicas for over $30 a piece. Which, honestly, is kinda of ridiculous. UNLESS it's full on real pearls. But, I always come up with a cost-effective alternative.

Ariel Wig Using Arda’s Silky Claudia in Scarlet

For my Ariel pink ballgown cosplay, I knew that I would need the perfect color red for my wig. After doing some internet research, I found the ideal color from Arda Wigs called Scarlet. Scarlet is a Silky Arda wig, it's Classic equivalent would be Apple Red. Now, the reason I

A is for Ariel and Her Pink Dress

To start off my A to Z series of Pattern Picks for making costumes based off of specific characters, there's, of course, Ariel for the letter A. The Little Mermaid was by far my favorite Disney Movie growing up. Honestly, it still probably is. Now, while the Pink dress isn't the