Making Hawkeye’s Costume

When creating v2 of Hawkeye, I knew that I wanted to make the vest as accurate as possible. The first version I created was quickly made utilizing a combat vest with straps removed and over-laid with a maroon design on the front. It worked fine for a while, but I

Hawkeye and Black Widow in Civil War

For quite some time now, we have had knowledge of which heroes would be taking up sides in the Civil War between Captain America and Ironman. We even had these great photos showing our team concept art, too. However, it looks like the concepts have been just that

Making Hawkeye’s Quiver (Avengers)

Thinking about making a Hawkeye costume? Well, no archer is complete without his quiver and arrows. This Avenger is no different. I created the design of my Hawkeye quiver from a case study from the 1st Avengers movie. I just studied a lot of movie stills and took notice to how

Hawkeye cosplay Avengers cosplay A to Z Cosplay

HawkEye shoot with Short Fuse Pinups at Dragon Con 2014

Photos HAD to be done of Mike and his new HawkEye costume! He has been doing HawkEye now for over two years with a costume that he was able to make in a week by repurposing military gear, but months leading up to DragonCon, he did a costume study and

A Marvel-ous Proposal – Black Widow to marry Hawkeye

Many weeks leading up to DragonCon, my boyfriend Mike and I had been working very hard on our cosplays. For Mike, it was his Hawkeye and for me, I was finally making a Black Widow costume to be able to stand beside him. Of course, as with all cosplays, there's