Lieutenant Commander Catherine (Kat) B320 (Noble Two) Research

Catherine was described as an inspired tactician and an exemplary combatant, but also a brilliant cryptanalyst and a hacker; allegedly, there has not been a system yet that she had been unable to crack. According to ColonelUrban Holland, she had a habit of occasionally investigating classified Intel more than her

Halo Master Chief chest armor concept

After a sudden bite from the creativity bug, Mike has begun working on his Halo Master Chief armor again! He put two layers of power board/cardboard on top of each other to allow for each piece to be made twice. He copied all of the paper pieces that has been printed

Halo Build Progress: Hand Plates

Progress update from an amazing Friday night. Halo hand plates made with EVA foam. Constructing Mark VI and Kat Reach armor suits :)

Mark VI Helmet build

Halo MJOLNIR Mark VI Helmet Build, Looking Back

Mike has been working on an amazing looking Halo helmet for the past few months. We haven't been sharing much of the progress lately because it had stalled because of "real life." I wanted to share what he had accomplished so far. I'm so happy that we have friends like those