Evil Lyn

Evil Lyn

As a child of the 80’s…I have slowly worked my way through many of the iconic women of 80’s cartoons. Evil Lyn, Skeletor’s bad-ass, right hand is no exception. This woman of purple was my exciting first step into making armor and using the mysterious material Worbla. This costume was part of a group that I put together for DragonCon 2014 of females portraying as many members within the Masters of the Universe as possible, that also turned into a huge Masters of the Universe meet up. The whole costume was made by costume patterns and the sandwiching technique of Worbla and craft foam. The helmet and paldrons were smoothed with Bondo added to the outside. All armor attached by D-rings and elastic. Spandex undersuit and skirt handmade, as well. The goal was to enter her into the costume contest, but the crowd, mixed with the un-ease of actually wearing the costume meant not entering all together.


September 1, 2014



he-man, masters of the universe, worbla
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