Roller Girl Wonder Woman

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Roller Girl Wonder Woman

Based on original artwork by:

Danielle Gransaull

Photoshoots with:

Short Fuse Pinups

AJ Charlton Photography

After seeing Danielle’s art…I knew we would have to make these costumes. I was happy to be able to select Roller Girl Wonder Woman. Derby shorts purchased from Etsy (dealer coming soon) with white felted stars added. Tank top from Walmart, with details done with yellow felt. Helmet panty made by hand using t-shirt fabric and felt. Fake roller skates made with wedge heeled shoes and actual roller skate wheels (wire and thread, it was a mess). Facial star done by Brittnie Jade. Bruises and make up done by myself.


September 2, 2014



brittnie jade, DC, leaping lizard cosplay, roller girls, wonder woman


  • Rachael


    How did you fix the wheels to the boots please!? Glue isnt strong enough as the wheel is quite heavy!!

    April 25, 2017at3:10 pm

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