Easy Circle Skirt Tutorial Using Stretchy Knit Fabric

Easy Circle Skirt Tutorial Using Stretchy Knit Fabric

tumblr_mujknox8LE1stvuwto1_250For years I have been seeing circle skirt tutorials all over the place on Pinterest. However, I had never actually taken the time to make one on my own. So, when my friend, Georgieanna, decided to continue moving forward with her Madam Mim cosplay, I knew that a circle skirt would be the best option for her. Not to mention, it would be my opportunity to tackle making one. Of course, no tutorial online comes free of trial and error…So, we always make sure to buy way more fabric than we’d need. This will be the easy circle skirt tutorial that you’re looking for and we based it on this one.

From the tutorial link above, we made use of the free waist template. We followed the tutorial up until we were meant to put the waistband onto the skirt…and realized that it needed a couple of alterations due to how stretchy the knit fabric was that was purchased.

So what do we suggest doing instead of following the above-linked tutorial?…Mix it up!

If you’re using very stretchy fabric, start with your waistband first. Cut it out, pin it, and slip it on up your hips and check it out. If you can get it up and down, you’re good…then make it a tad bit tighter to account for the weight of the skirt fabric.

MimwomancelbOnce you have a working waistband, measure it, and then use that measurement with the waist template linked above. You know, at this point, that it’s going to fit, simple and easy. Fold your band and pit into the inside of your skirt’s waist, finish it off with stitches that allow a stretch. We elected not to hem the bottom of the skirt because the knit fabric we chose doesn’t fray.

Now just to pair it with the perfect purple top, some crazy-pointy boobs, and a luscious lavender wig from Arda and ta-da you have a beautiful Madam Mim!

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