First Birthday Party for Zayden

First Birthday Party for Zayden

What the heck! We have a 1-year-old! Time goes by way way way too fast. I know it’s cliche to say, but every mom and dad would agree. The days are long but the weeks are short.

To celebrate Zayden’s birthday our family and friends gathered to a fun party over at our place. This party, of course, being complete with truffula trees, a Cat in the Hat cake, and tons of smiles. We are forever thankful for all of the people that helped give advice, gave a shoulder to cry on, held Z when we needed just a moment, or anything else we’ve needed. Most of all, Mike and I are thankful for this amazing little dude we have in our lives. Check out the photos and enjoy being part of our lives and our memories here on this website.

The Decor

Typical Mike and Tracy fashion, the decorations are a little -extra- but fun!

Singing Happy Birthday

Birthday Cake and After

Photos Galore

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