Fionna the Human

Mathematical! This Fionna costume was inspired by watching episode after episode of Adventure Time! I though that she would be the perfect Halloween costume for 2012, thanks to already having blonde hair. I bought a pattern online for the bunny ear hat and made it with white felt. Goodwill had


For the Honor of Greyskull! In my time honored 80's lovin' tradition, more amazing female costumes from 80's cartoons. She-Ra was an amazing woman to follow in my life. The costume was a little thrown together, to be honest, but it turned out great for a Halloween costume. The white


Truly Outrageous!! Halloween 2010 was taken by storm by my first ever self-made costume and of course it had to be that amazing lady in pink, Jem! I made a wrap dress out of pink stretchy fabric and lining. Most importantly, the belt was made of metallic, silver vinyl with