Results Are The Best Form of Motivation!

Results Are The Best Form of Motivation!

Woo HOO! I am so excited! I have been on my full-fledged low carb diet now for a full week. No bread, no rice, no potatoes, and the such. I eat a lot of eggs, bacon, meats, cheeses, and the such. Not to mention, I’ve avoided all alcohol since Saturday. After adding one beer from Saturday’s exploits to the MyFitnessPal app, I knew that I didn’t want to drink it anymore. It’s funny how seeing the numbers makes all the difference.

I LOST 5.2 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK – Now 138.8 lbs

One big thing, I also added on a fitness routine this week, starting on Monday. On Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, my plan is to utilize the Runtastic Six Pack Abs application ( I bough the pro version like a month or so ago) and to use the Sworkit application on Tuesday and Thursday for a guided Yoga Routine. Slow and steady with the fitness. I have never been the kind of person to try and overdo the whole trying to get fit thing, I’m more interested in reaching a lifestyle change.

To perk up my efforts, I’ve sent some goals for myself. Once I reach 135 lbs, I will be buying myself the below t-shirts…

to fuel my continued attempts. Once I hit 135, I want to start trying to gear myself up to running again. Back when I was at my smallest, I ran quite a bit and , while hard, it was rewarding…physically and mentally. Not to mention, the older you get, the slower you have to work yourself into new routines. I literally had the most miserable calf cramp in the middle of the night recently…which has left my calf STILL sore. Meaning, you have to get your muscles working again before you expect them to actually do what you want them to…happily. Treat them right, they’re treat you right.

One big HUGE thing about this awesomeness of getting results from just ONE week…is that Mike had my back!! He doesn’t really have a lot of interest when it comes to going low carb himself, but he’s helping me by not grabbing me a bun for burgers or hotdogs…or for grabbing some single serving buns at the grocery store and only putting them on my plate…or only offering to give me a beer one time rather than going “you sure?”. It’s hard to have one person in a couple making a drastic diet change, but you have to support your spouse..or future spouse…when things have gotten to the point where your happiness is being severely affected.


Long term goals:

  • 132 lbs – new running shoes
  • 130 lbs (after a bonus from work)  – FitBit Charge
  • 125 lbs – new clothes are probably gonna be needed at this point

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 4.58.21 PM

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