RoadtoInfinityWar | Iron Man 2

RoadtoInfinityWar | Iron Man 2

Wow we got really behind! You better bet we will have a catch-up weekend soon.

Iron Man 2 is awesome because we finally have our Brody…the way he should be.

Otherwise, I am not a huge fan of this one…the Hammer dude gets on my nerves. Probably because he feels so close to home for his kind of character…full of himself but a fucking idiot otherwise. The worse kind of person with power.

Second reason I’m not a huge fan of Iron Man 2…Whiplash is one of my least favorite villains. I hate his mumbling language barrier crap. He’s just as smart as a guy like Tony but Tony has that charisma that literally just drips off him. Not so much for our bad guy. I do like how persistent he is, though…makes him a good no-gooder.

Up next after Iron Man 2 is The Incredible Hulk. Yay for it being included in the MCU…I actually didn’t think it would be.

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