RoadtoInfinityWar | Iron Man

RoadtoInfinityWar | Iron Man

IronMan has to be one of my favorite Marvel films – especially of the older ones. I remember thinking how PERFECT Robert Downey Jr was to portray Tony Stark!

The biggest thing I couldn’t get over – the fact that Rhodes (James Rhodes) – our War Machine – Is someone totally different in the first IronMan movie. Instead of being played by Don Cheadle, he’s actually played by Terrence Howard. It was kinda surprising. I didn’t remember his role at ALL! Obviously Cheadle is a better fit and regularly recognized now as our War Machine -Tony’s best friend – and all the inbetween.

Pepper Pots and Tony Stark. I loved the beginning of their relationship in this movie too. It was like an unlikely love story – with no focus at all on the love. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Gweneth Paltrow being very strong and in control. Even when it comes to a, sometimes, over-bearing kind of person like Tony.

Lastly, Looking back at these older movies really makes you realize how much major CG comes into effect in the newer ones. However, you still wonder how Tony has all this stuff put together so fast…and the abilities he has in his basement. Can you imagine if you had access to that kind of technology – like no big deal? What we could DO?! As cosplayers – imagine the things we could MAKE! However, that would be just scratching the surface.

Oh…and he can make an arc reactor out of scraps in a fucking cave in the desert?! What?! Seriously? Would that even be remotely possible? Even for a genius? Well, it is a movie after all…lol

Up next: IRONMAN 2!

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