The Joann’s $1.99 Simplicity Sale Haul

Joann's Simplicity sale

The Joann’s $1.99 Simplicity Sale Haul

Simplicity sale at Joann's

The Haul – 10 pattern limit

Joann's Simplicity saleToday, I finally managed to make my way over to Joann’s for their Simplicity pattern sale. Can you believe it?! All Simplicity patterns for $1.99 a piece! Some of these pattern sell normally for almost $20 EACH!!! The only downfall to this spectacular event is that they limit each customer to 10 patterns. Boo! lol We all know that is very hard to limit yourself to just 10 patterns when a sale is this discounted! So, bring a friend 😉 My partner in crime, however, was asleep…I’m pretty sure Mike is becoming a vampire, by the way. Up all night, sleep only when there’s daylight. Anyways, I wanna show you what I got!!!

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