A to Z Cosplay as Black Widow at Dragon Con 2014

Photo Credit: Short Fuse Pinups


Born and raised in the panhandle of Florida, I have never settled for the mediocre. I currently reside in Orlando, FL, where I have lived since 2009. I moved here to complete my Undergraduate degree at the University of Central Florida. In May of 2012, I graduated with my B.A. in Digital Media and a speciality in Game Design. While in school I excelled in Project Management and organization.

Since leaving University, I have gained modeling and video manipulation experience within UCF’s Active Lab while also continuing my work in retail with Best Buy, of which I was employed for 8 years. In April 2013 I started a new journey with an amazing design firm named BrandCo, where I have excelled in technical support, domain manipulation, and project management.

I strive to live within the tech and game industry and to utilize my degree to the utmost! I feel that everything can always be better than it is…and desire to improve upon anything that I can have an effect on.

As for my personal life: My fiancé and I met in Orlando and he is a recent graduate of FullSail University with a degree in Computer Animation, Visual Effects. We have two dogs, Lulu and Maya, and regularly craft and work on cosplays for all the geekiest conventions that you can think of. We love to constantly creative, it keeps our minds flowing. Other than that, we spend a lot of time watching insane amounts of NetFlix when we’re not enjoying walks around the area’s beautiful lakes or the world’s most beautiful beaches. We bowl, play lots of games on our phones, and constantly work to better ourselves.


A to Z Cosplay as Hawkeye at Dragon Con

Photo Credit: Short Fuse Pinups


Hello, I am Mike Zettinig, a 3D Artist. I chose to do this as a career because of the enjoyment of creating new things and troubleshooting to see final results.

I Graduated back in Nov 2013 with a BS in Computer Animation. I concentrated in Visual Effects, but studied each step of the production pipeline. Since Graduation I found myself becoming more of a 3D Generalist. I fill my free time up by working on personal projects and freelance work. I find my stronger skills are in concept design, modeling, texture and lighting, animation, VFX, compositing, & editing.

My interest in art started with my traditional art skills and realized the future is in CG. I have an above average understanding of Maya for a 3D software, but I can grasp onto any other 3D package as needed. Although I have a strong knowledge in Nuke, I have been working a lot with After Effects, it is more economical for me and it is a strong tool. I use Final Cut Pro X for my post and edit work, but I have been learning Adobe Premier and Autodesk Smoke.