Cosplay Chronicles: Unveiling the Magic of Dragon Con for Newcomers

Dragon Con is a highly anticipated annual event that caters to a diverse community of fans, including those passionate about science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics, and various other pop culture elements. It's a massive multi-genre convention held in Atlanta, Georgia, that typically takes place over the Labor Day weekend. If

Why We Didn’t Attend Dragon Con This Year

If you are at all familiar with us, you have to be aware that the convention that we look most forward to each year is Dragon Con. The convention has been near and dear to our heart for years. I attended my first Dragon Con convention back in 2011 with

We Made a MegaCon Video

So, video is a new thing to use for 2015 and as such, so is our new camcorder. It's super duper light and easy to carry around, but like all new electronics, they require some "getting to know you" time. So, this video is the collaboration of Mike and I

Syfy Saturday Bartow 2015

Costume Contest: SyFy Saturday Bartow

On February 21st, Mike and I made an hour and a half long trek from Orlando to the small city of Bartow, Florida for an amazing event, its second year, Syfy Saturday. This was our first time attending, but we knew that after we saw the photos from last year,

Auburndale CityCon

Guest at First Auburndale CityCon!

This upcoming weekend Mike and I will be attending the first Auburndale CityCon. I am so happy to announce that I will be moderating and sitting in on some of my first panels for this con. Our Star Trek club here in Orlando, the USS Haven, was invited as guests