Auburndale CityCon: A Fresh New Con

Auburndale CityCon: A Fresh New Con

Auburndale CityConAuburndale CityCon was fantastic! You really never know what to expect when you think of a new con start-up…You’re either going to ROCK at it or it will be a huge BUST. When going to Auburndale for my first time, an hour drive from our home in Orlando, I was wondering what I was getting myself into. Our USS Haven Star trek club was invited as a guest and that gave me the opportunity to also be considered a Cosplay Guest at CityCon. A Guest for my first time! How exciting, right?! Well, It was definitely worth total of 4 hours driving back and forth for two days! I’m looking forward to next year’s event, very much! Especially since Mike wasn’t able to make it to this year…and I enjoyed taking part in the panels sooo much. Not to mention, I have to give Merissa Green some huge props, she was the master mind behind the glory of Auburndale CityCon! See the photos and information below, as I go into how AWESOME this event really was! 🙂

CityCon Friday Night Cosplay panel

Friday Night I had the pleasure of being part of my first ever panel as a cosplayer. I was joined by Elsa of Auburndale and Dale who does an amazing Zombie Batman! We spoke about how to cosplay on a budget and cosplaying in general. It was really cool to have some people in the audience that were so interested in what we were saying…so much so, that they were writing down notes during the panel. I hope you’re reading this! (She was interested in this blog afterwards) You can check out the panel here.

Saturday CityCon Expo

Saturday was quite a day when it came to Auburndale’s CityCon first big event! They had everything to offer all kinds of con-goers! From a rock climbing wall, to a Deloreon complete with Marty McFly look-a-like, to Panels involving STEM, Ghost Busting, and Super Heroes…Not to mention, a large vendor hall with tons of local clubs and shop owners. We had a cosplay parade around the park that ended in the costume contest, where the winners took home CASH prices!

CityCon’s Super Hero Ball

While not at many people showed up for the Super Hero Ball that took place on Saturday night, but they were set up to have an amazing time! We had dancing, super yummy appetizers, and lots of fun props to play with. We kept ourselves entertained and did every line dance that they through at us! We’re all REALLY looking forward to attending again next year!

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