Captain Hook

Halloween 2020 Zayden dressed as the cutest Captain Hook on the planet. The Captain Hook costumes used for this Halloween dress up is for sale at ShopDisney. The quality is way better than anything you'd find at a Spirit Halloween, etc. What Hook is complete without a stach? Right?


Constructed from September 26 to December 18th, Periwinkle is my most accurate costume to date. Not to mention, I did so much work on her. I styled her wig, custom made the patterns for the tunic and pants, dyed the shoes and sewed on the pom poms, and airbrushed all

Steampunk Ariel

Ariel has always been my favorite Disney princess and with Steampunk being all the rage back in 2013 (and still is), I thought that she would be an awesome one to do. For DragonCon 2013, me and others came together with our little crew of Steampunk princesses. We had Belle,

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow of the Black Pearl was Mike's very first costume. He's told me stories of learning how to sew on his grandmother's old sewing machine. He's told me that he's made the jacket himself, twice. All pieces except the pirate hat were made from scratch.