For Halloween 2021 we dressed as Ghostbusters including our newest recruit Zayden. As if already having the costumes and the gear wasn't enough, we had to also ensure that we had our ride. Mike thought up and created our Ecto 1 design for our Radio Flyer wagon on Halloween day

Hawkeye 2.0

This second iteration of the original Avengers' Hawkeye is Mike's best yet. The vest was drafted 100% custom on a duct-tape mannequin made by the two. The on-point maroon fabric used was actually a curtain purchased from Goodwill due to it's perfect coloring and texture and was then backed and

Star Trek Into Darkness Honor Guard

Mike's custom made Star Trek Into Darkness Honor Guard costume was a hit when first worn at DragonCon 2013. The costume's inspiration was only featured in the movie for a few short seconds, but die-hard fans know what's up. The jacket was drafted based on his Brewers baseball jersey with

Hawkeye 1.0

After Mike and I started dating, my friends started quickly catching on to the likeness that he had to the actor Jeremy Renner, the Avengers' Hawkeye. When we started planning our first trip together to DragonCon, it became very apparent that he simply HAD to make the costume. With a

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow of the Black Pearl was Mike's very first costume. He's told me stories of learning how to sew on his grandmother's old sewing machine. He's told me that he's made the jacket himself, twice. All pieces except the pirate hat were made from scratch.