Gods and Monsters opening

DC Villains Two Face & Poison Ivy Attend Gods and Monsters Opening

Mike and I had a great time checking out the grand opening of the new comic book store down on Orlando's I-Drive at the Artegon Mall, Gods & Monsters. They had everything imaginable from t-shirts to comics, to Pop Vinyls, to coffee, and boba tea, even! We attended in conjunction

So Much Progress on Two Face

On Saturday, Two Face made his first appearance at the Gods and Monsters opening at Orlando's Artegon Mall. The costume was a HUGE hit and Mike lost a LOT of sleep trying to get everything ready. Obviously, more photos and updates still to come on this one

Poison Ivy dress update

  Been working hard to try to finish up my Poison Ivy for tomorrow's Make m' Smile event with Nathaniel's Hope. As much as I wanted to make a costume based on Uma Thermon's Poison Ivy from Batman and Robin