The Making of a Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger

Mighty Morphin Power Ranger costume inspiration with weapons

Recently I decided that I -needed- to build a Power Ranger costume…and that Mike needed to join me in the glory of becoming Mighty Morphin’! These blogs posts are the archives of my builds of Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Red Power Rangers costumes from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Ya know, from back when the show was AWESOME! Yes, I know that I didn’t list the Black Ranger…We would love to have one, but currently these builds are for my nephew Brett, his wife Dianna, Mike, and myself. We really can’t wait to have these costumes done and to be able to wear them to our many charity events that we attend throughout the year. EVERYONE LOVES THE POWER RANGERS! lol Thank Zordon for such great references on the internet…All credits are given throughout all blog posts. Please, leave a comment and let me know if any of my information helped you!