Wing Wednesday #4

OMG!!!! Could I be happier? The glitter is finally done! Not to mention, we have finally removed all of the tabs covering/protecting the lights on the Tinkerbell and Periwinkle wings.

Power Ranger Helmet Build: Resin time!

After all your scaling, folding, and gluing, It's time to get dirty with some chemicals finally. Be sure you have a ventilated area, this is not something to do in doors. Filming is out in our garage, door open and a fan on

We Made a MegaCon Video

So, video is a new thing to use for 2015 and as such, so is our new camcorder. It's super duper light and easy to carry around, but like all new electronics, they require some "getting to know you" time. So, this video is the collaboration of Mike and I

Halo Build Progress: Hand Plates

Progress update from an amazing Friday night. Halo hand plates made with EVA foam. Constructing Mark VI and Kat Reach armor suits :)

Kill la Kill 3 Star T-Shirt – DIY Kill la Kill has to be one of the coolest new animes that Ive watched in a long time. I'm not one to usually spend lots of money on swaging out my wardrobe with merch from things that I'm into at the moment.

Power Ranger Helmet Build: Fold and Glue!

This video discusses the steps after scaling and printing your Pepakura files to create the Power Ranger helmet. Cutting, folding, gluing. Definitely not the most exciting piece of the series, but it's definitely important to learn all of the steps along the way to creating your own awesome Power Ranger

Power Ranger Helmet Build: Getting Started

Using Pepakura Viewer and Designer with pepakura file from DungBeetle of the Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger's helmet. Learn how to scale and how to deal with big pieces and small pages in Pepakura Designer. The first step to making your own Power Ranger helmet! Get your own file to get