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This website is a combination of everything we do and love all in one place. Through our love of creation, we have gained skills and techniques that have lead to some fantastic things. Enjoy looking around and sharing in our lives.

Current Works in Progress


Halo Armor

There is no more an epic hero than the Spartans of Halo. We have a dream of making our own Halo armor…it may be difficult, but it’s a labor of love.

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Poison Ivy & Two Face

Because sometimes being heroes can get a little old, we needed to make villains and no one does iconic villains like DC, specifically Batman.

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Mighty Morphin Power Ranger costume inspiration with weapons

Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger

Becoming a Power Ranger has been one of our biggest dreams…so, with skills and techniques that we’ve learned over time, it can be a reality! The goal is to make -everything- ourselves. Daunting, yes, but we’ll get it done…Eventually!

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