If you watch anime at all, you should know of Miyazaki and his amazing movies, Princess Mononoke being one of them. This anime character has been a favorite of mine for many many years and when I was getting pressed for time to decide on a costume for DragonCon, she stood out. While her costume isn’t very difficult to throw together, I was desperately eager to make San’s mask. The mask was made by using a foam dome as the base and paper-macheing over it…letting it harden then covering in paperclay in order to nicely smooth it. The holes for the eyes and mouth were drilled out by dremel and napkin rings put into place. Then, after everything, the paint job was completed and a coat of sealant added. Velcro was added to the edge to attach to the fur hood and then the necklace and earrings were made out of paperclay to keep them light for wearing. The actual clothing of the costume came together rather easily and the shoes I used were actually slippers found at Goodwill that were PERFECT! Lastly, the dagger was made in combination of a stick, insulation foam, and paperclay.


September 2, 2013


Anime, Cartoon, Tracy


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