Nathaniel’s Hope: Make ‘m Smile

Nathaniel's Hope Make 'm Smile

Nathaniel’s Hope: Make ‘m Smile


We were pleased to be able to take part in the annual event held by Nathaniel’s Hope called Make ‘M Smile again thus year. Each year, the event takes place around Lake Eola in downtown Orlando, FL. It celebrates thousands of VIPs whom are special needs children and young adults. We went this year as part of the team representing our non-profit organization, Guardians of Justice, whom were partnered up to support Bright Start Pediatrics. Other team members dressed as Death Stroke and Merlin from Arrow while Mike and I were Captain Jack Sparrow and Poison Ivy. We all went as villains (Jack being more of an anti-hero) in order to offset the presence of another costumed group in attendance. Whom we worked with to ensure that kids wouldn’t be confused by duplicate characters.
It was blast to be with everyone at Make ‘M Smile! It’s an event that I look forward to every year…the heat, however, not so much. We were very lucky for our shaded area that Bright Start was placed beside. We met many great kids and parents and took lots of photos while also receiving tons and tons of heartfelt hugs. Charity work is extremely rewarding and we look forward to each event to light up a smile on the faces of the young…and the old. If you want to get involved with Guardians of Justice and are interested in putting your costumes to work for the good of others and your community be sure to check out our website here:
To wrap it up, see everyone again next year!

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