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This website is a combination of everything we do and love all in one place. Through our love of creation, we have gained skills and techniques that have lead to some fantastic things. Enjoy looking around and sharing in our lives.

What Have We Been Up To?

Dr Seuss Nursery

This is where all of our time has went in the past year. No costumes, no props, just an amazing bedroom for our family’s newest addition! Having a Dr Seuss nursery has been a dream of mine for years and it’s amazing to see it come to life and to see Zayden slowly discovering how awesome it is as he grows!

Check it Out

Projects We’re Coming Back To

There’s still some progress to enjoy tho 😉 Click on any of the photos below to check out what we’ve done so far!



For some reason I have a thing for green characters and Disgust will be a fun one to represent for our charity organization.



Becoming Spartans has been a dream of ours, we can’t wait to have our suits finished to run around with all our cool weapons!

Mighty Morphin Power Ranger costume inspiration with weapons


What kid growing up in the 90s didn’t want to be a Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger! So excited to get this project going soon!


DC Villains

Feels so good to be BAD! Batman has some of the best bad guys ever and Mike and I want to be the best of the worst, Poison Ivy and Two Face!

Projects Recently Finish

Check out the progress posts and follow ups on recently finished costumes. 🙂 Just because they’ve been completed, It doesn’t mean the content stops flowing 😉

Ariel’s Pink Ballgown


Latest Finished Costumes