Ariel – Steampunk version

Ariel – Steampunk version


A friend let me know about a group of girls that were all interested in doing a Disney Princess steampunk cosplay group at Dragon Con…and Ariel has always been my favorite princess…so, of course, she won out. 🙂 First thing first, finding pieces to put all together to make up the outfit. As I have never made a Steampunk outfit before, it’s been a kinda slow go so far…But now the big part is waiting for all the dang items to get shipped in (I’m impatient) Most of this costume won’t be made by me except for the dress section. Which, I’m really excited to be using my dress form for the first time. 😀

The Outfit

I use this Petticoat tutorial to create a sheer green, three-tiered petticoat…I’ve ordered the below under-bust tan corset to use from eBay as well. I am going to use this Steampunk Bussel tutorial for creating my dark green Bustle to sit on top of the petticoat. As I have so many costumes under construction for Dragon*Con this year, I opted out of purchasing new boots (which I’m really unhappy about) and creating spats from this Spats tutorial. or this Spats tutorial or this one lol Steampunk belt tutorial


gun and stuff

The look


Putting it all together

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