Star Trek Vulcans

  • Syfy Saturday Bartow 2015 - A to Z Cosplay
  • Syfy Saturday Bartow 2015

Star Trek Vulcans

Our Star Trek Wrath of Kahn “Monster Maroons” were made with much care and dedication by Mike. These were a dream for him to create and to be able to wear with the one that he loves. The material used a full wool, so they are not the nicest costume to be wearing in our sunny little area of Florida, but they really make a statement. We both wear the ranks of Captain and, logically, we make fantastic Vulcans. The ears that complete our Vulcan look come from the company Aradani and the ears are titled “Space Ears.” The pants and skirt were quickly made by Tracy the night before the debut once it became obvious that Mike had run out of time.

Mike as a human and Tracy as a “Stavic” Vulcan received second place at Away Mission Tampa – 2014

Mike and Tracy as Vulcans won Mastery division at Syfy Bartow – 2015


February 9, 2015


A to Z Cosplay, Star Trek

Award Winner, Mastery, Star Trek, Vulcan

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