Girl’s Craft Night: The Iron Shoes

Girl’s Craft Night: The Iron Shoes

the Iron shoes DIY A to Z CosplayIn March, the girls and I got together to make something awesome that we found on Pinterest back at the beginning of the year. We are all big Game of Thrones fans and these shoes made by Nixxi Rose definitely caught our eye. Thankfully, Nixxi herself uploaded a video showing how to make the shoes yourself due to them being rather problematic when it came to shipping…with swords snapping and all that such. We gathered over at Sam’s place, along with lots of wine and beer, and our craft supplies and the ‘making’ started. Little did we know that these shoe would take us upwards of 10 hours to make…this ended up a VERY late night!! We all ended up having to finish on our own time. However, I think our shoes turned out KILLER! We could definitely rule Westeros with these babies on! Eventually, I plan on making a cute GoT casual outfit to wear with them and sporting them all over town…if they can make it that long…or I can lol.

Tracy’s Iron Shoes

Bianca’s Iron Shoes

Sam’s Iron Shoes

Georgieanna’s Iron Shoes

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