Halo MJOLNIR Mark VI Helmet Build, Looking Back

Mark VI Helmet build

Halo MJOLNIR Mark VI Helmet Build, Looking Back

Halo helmet build
Mike has been working on an amazing looking Halo helmet for the past few months. We haven’t been sharing much of the progress lately because it had stalled because of “real life.”

I wanted to share what he had accomplished so far. I’m so happy that we have friends like those in The Dynamic Duo who are always eager to show us what they’ve learned. Thanks to them, we have jumped further and further into prop and armor making. Not to mention, they have a garage setup that Mike and I could only dream of.

The helmet is a Pepakura build . I would link you to the file if we even remotely remembered which one it was, after looking at so many, and it having been over 6 months ago since he started. However, you find many resources within the Replica Prop Forums or in the Halo specific group called the 405th. Many creators have their Pepakura files available for free, but some also have theirs for sale. Mike and I have always been thrifty, so we will always try to either make the free ones work for us or, with Mike’s 3d background, make our own.

Mike has covered the outside of the paper model with fiberglass resin and coated the inside with Rondo. He is now on the step of shaping and smoothing with Bondo. This process is what takes the longest, however, its taking extra long because we discovered that the Pepakura file that he found want as accurate as he wanted. So, now he is using his Halo 3 Legendary edition helmet as a reference and shaping most of it by hand. Granted, this is adding more and more product…meaning it is getting heavier and heavier. We will almost certainly end up having to mold and cast this piece to make it even remotely wearable.


More to come from Mike and his helmet adventure…stay tuned.

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