How to Make a Dr Eggman Jacket from Sonic the Hedgehog

How to Make a Dr Eggman Jacket from Sonic the Hedgehog

Professor Eggman Sonic the Hedgehog Costume Jacket
Dr Eggman jacket by a to z cosplayFor DragonCon 2015 a friend of ours had an interest in learning how to sew and wanted to remake his former Dr. Eggman costume. Well, Mike and I were up to the challenge and were actually quite eager to see what we could do when it came to a Dr. Eggman jacket.

Straight after a short discussion, we all headed to Joann’s to search for a pattern and fabrics.

We got super lucky when it comes to finding a pattern! The Burda 2471 pattern was perfect! We knew that we would need to be making some alterations to make the perfect shapes to fit the character.

Our friend, Derek Marunowski, purchased a full body suit and filled it with upholstery foam to create a fat suit. We used non-stretch fabrics in colors similar to ketchup and mustard.

We constructed the costume halfway and then started the fitting process to ensure that we have the right pieces in the correct places. This began the fitting process (thanks to a pillow stuffed into Mike’s duct-tape mannequin).

Below you can see the rest of the progress photos. It was relatively straightforward from there, luckily the pattern got us most of what we needed.

After the delivery of the jacket, Derek took over the process of adding the additional pieces. He made foam pieces for the arms and everything else. Not to mention, that phenomenal mustache, bald cap, and goggles look! I was very proud of the costume and how it all came together thanks to everyone involved.


  • Mike


    How did you make the mustache? I want to do a Robotnik cosplay myself

    December 18, 2017at12:19 am
      • Anthony


        Hey, been interested in doing Eggman for a con in December, and was budgeting for my cosplays. How much did it cost you to put together the jacket?

        July 3, 2019at5:27 pm
  • Destiny


    Hi! My friend is interested in cosplaying our favorite Sonic villain, and I was wondering if you would be able/willing to do a commission of his jacket/any other items we may need.

    January 30, 2019at7:58 pm

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