Mario pattern review

Mario pattern review

Yes! Another Nintendo pattern! Making my family cosplay dreams come true! To go along with my Princess Peach, Mike would be my Mario.

This pattern review is focused on the Simplicity 8478 pattern, which is a licensed Nintendo product. 


Accuracy! So accurate! Also, it has you add topstitching to almost all of your seams and it makes it looks like such a refined, finished product.


There’s a really tricky portion of the pattern around the waistband area, but we got through it. The biggest issue, however, was that it really didn’t give you the ability to resize during construction. You have no idea how it fits until you’re finished and with the way the steps go through the process, you’d almost have to tear it completely apart to be able to size down.

Mixing it up

We really didn’t mix anything up with this pattern – I tried my very best to follow it to even pattern instruction.

Things learned

Overalls are harder to make than you’d think. lol Not to mention, we bought way too much fabric. However, I consider it a happy accident. Now, I can make a Luigi costume for Zayden to grow into to match with Mike when it’s just the 3 of us in costume.

The full wrap up

I highly recommend this pattern if you’re looking to make your own Mario costume. We also purchased the “boy” version of the pattern and once I dig back into it, I’ll give an update on how it goes, too.

Great costume uses for this pattern

Well…of course for Mario + Luigi, but also for any other overall-wearing character from Mario games – Wario, Waluigi – with just a change of the fabric color.

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