SyFy Saturday Appearance Planned!

SyFy Saturday Appearance Planned!

Photo Credit: Keepin' It Reel Designs

Photo Credit: Keepin’ It Reel Designs

We will be joining the USS Haven and appearing at SYFY Saturday this coming Saturday in Bartow, Florida! Get ready for some super awesome nerdy times with everything from every Fandom, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who…Time traveling at it’s finest!

Also, really happy to announce that Mike and I will be running a panel Saturday morning at 11:30 titled Cosplay: It’s More Than Dress-Up. I had more to the title, but I think it was probably too long for the schedule.

Original title for our panel was:

Cosplay: More than just playing dress up
Whether it be the friends that you make through the community, the skills that you gain through costume creation, or the ways that you find that allow you to give back to the area…cosplay can be more amazing that you ever thought.

We will also be joining in and getting interviewed by Happy Hour with Johnny and Duce. I have been in conversations with Kyle Duce for a few weeks now and I’m really looking forward to meeting him.

Also, as we sometimes do, we will be appearing with our Star Trek Club the USS Haven, who will have a table and will be hosting Klingon Karaoke. Which, of course, means that this Vulcan is gonna get her sing on!

See you out here!

Syfy Saturday February 2015 Schedule

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