Taking Halo UNSC M6 Blaster Toy from BOOMco to the Next Level

Taking Halo UNSC M6 Blaster Toy from BOOMco to the Next Level

Halo UNSC M6 Blaster original from BOOM
Recently Mike made a major purchase in the ‘toys’ department…In case you’re unaware, the company BOOMco came out with a line of Halo “nerf” type toys that are extremely bad ass!

So, the first of our ‘arsenal’ to get re-vamped was the Halo UNSC M6 Blaster. Out of the box, it comes in an orange-red color with white and grey accents. If you’re looking to purchase your own, we got ours on discount at Toys R Us, but you can purchase it on Amazon for a very responsible cost at this link.

After spending some time looking through the internet for reference photos and not really location anything really good-regarding in-game references, we decided to go with what we had for paint.

Mike first attempted to utilize Plasti-dip for the initial finish, but it just wasn’t giving a desired affect, causing him to scrape it off. After roughing up the exterior of the blaster with a Dremel, he was ready to paint and luckily, our current Florida weather was perfect for it!

The black spray paint used was a matte Paint+Primter from Rust-oleum. This gave a very nice finish to the piece, we’ll see how the paint jobs fairs for scratches, wear, and tear. The other color used was a metallic silver from Krylon. I can not stress how amazing the metallic finish turned out with this paint. The pieces done in silver literally look like they’re metal. After re-assembly, the Halo UNSC M6 Blasters looked totally legit! We can’t wait to wear them with our armor…when it’s done…some day lol.

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