Hawkeye 2.0

Hawkeye 2.0

This second iteration of the original Avengers’ Hawkeye is Mike’s best yet. The vest was drafted 100% custom on a duct-tape mannequin made by the two. The on-point maroon fabric used was actually a curtain purchased from Goodwill due to it’s perfect coloring and texture and was then backed and oiled in order to give it strength. The pants are dress pants, tailored into skinny jeans then panels and straps were added for accuracy. Then, once the costume pieces were done, the prop was next. The quiver was drafted from all sides on graph paper in 1:1 scale then transferred to EVA floor matting. The floor templates were shaped by heat gun and glued together to make that awesome piece of work. A point on the back of the best and two side straps hold the quiver in place.


September 4, 2014


Avengers, Mike

Avengers, Jeremy Renner

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