Dc Superhero Girls – Poison Ivy – Pattern

Dc Superhero Girls – Poison Ivy – Pattern

DC Super Hero Girls probably couldn’t be a more popular children’s show for female empowerment. This awesome show finally has our favorite female heroes in clothing that’s actually appropriate for children to aspire to don.

Burda B6685 dc super hero girls poison ivy cosplayAs a huge fan of Poison Ivy, I was extremely excited to see that she was included in the new tv show along with many of my other faves. However, for once, Poison Ivy isn’t scantily clad…she’s fully covered and in a fun way!

So, I wanted to write up a guide for anyone that is hoping to make this costume for themselves or a little girl in their life.

Burda 6685 Pattern for Poison Ivy

I looked around for your simple run-of-the-mill t-shirt style dress pattern and found Burda’s 6685 pattern that would totally work out great! Just a bit of forewarning, I haven’t had a LOT of luck with Burda patterns due to them leaving out steps throughout, but if you know your way around a pattern, you’ll be alright. I would use the dress with sleeves version and just remember the change you’ll need to make as you go…noted below

Changes to the Pattern

You’ll need to make alterations to both the neckline and the skirt hem to make the costume fit the character just right. The pattern itself features the dress with a sweetheart neckline rather than the scoop neck. Trace out the design before you cut the pattern pieces out. When tracing out patterns that I will ultimately alter, I like to use roll paper so that I can keep my changes in case I want to make this same item again. I’d recommend something like: Bee Paper White Sketch and Trace Roll, 24-Inch by 50-Yards.

Along with changing the neckline of the dress, you’re going to also want to add a high-low kinda of look to the hem of the dress. I recommend just going ahead and making it as is and then marking your hem with it ON rather than predicting where it will hit on your legs. Remember, this is supposed to be a modest costume…not our typical Ivy lol


I personally feel like the best fabric choice for this kind of outfit will be a breathable knit fabric – essentially like a t-shirt jersey type of fabric. However, those can be a bit more pricey. An alternative could also be any kind of cotton fabric, too. I wanted to look around on Amazon and Ebay for a couple of options. See below:


Accessories are going to be very important to this costume. They’re going to be the key to taking this rather casual looking outfit to looking like an actual character from a cartoon.

I’m going to give two recommendations for wigs, as sometimes you wanna spend the money, and sometimes you just wanna go cheap. When it comes to good quality wigs, I ALWAYS go with Arda. While going through their color chart, I looked for something red with orange. Ivy definitely isn’t straight red in this series based on the above graphic. I went with the Matilda Classic lacefront in Fire Orange as a great fit. Don’t wanna throw down $65 on a wig for this cosplay – don’t worry – here’s another option – Orange and curly or lacefront and more natural.

Buy yourself some dark green capri tights, too.

Lastly, we’re talking all embellishments – the vines through the hair remind me of just pipe cleaners to keep shape. I’d also just use like green cord for the belt and add little craft foam leaves to it and a rose from your local craft store.

dc super hero girls poison ivy cosplay


Tada with this info, you’re set to be Ivy in no time! Gather up the rest of your DC girls and make some little girls smile!

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