Best Pattern to Make a Mother Gothel Cosplay

Best Pattern to Make a Mother Gothel Cosplay

For me, Tangled has to be one of the best new-age Disney princess movies. For one, I love that the movie isn’t titled Rapunzel…ya know? Have a friend that dresses at Rapunzel? Or just wanting to dress the part of a Disney villain with some epic hair? You’ll want to dive into cosplaying the epic Hover-Mother herself – Mother Gothel!


The most important thing as with any new costume that you’re about to tackle is to decide on the pattern that you’re going to use to attempt to make it as close as possible. There is almost always something that you have to change to make it accurate. Even if a pattern is FOR that character.

For Mother Gothel – I felt that the McCalls M4490 pattern was a spot-on fit for the dress. You’d just need to make the belt yourself without an additional pattern. I would obviously suggest going with the lower right-hand variation included in the pattern. The boat neck and the open sleeves are very important for this character.

The second important piece would be that beautiful long flowing robe that badies always seem to own.   You’ll want to get the Butterick B4377 pattern to create it. Ta Do you have your perfect GO-TO cape pattern to put into your toolkit 🙂

While the patterns themselves seem quite simple, you’ll realize that this costume will require a LOT of fabric. Your quick simple costume has NOW become EXPENSIVE. Due to this, I started looking into buying my costume from China instead of making it. Avoid Halloween type costumes like this one. I recommend looking on eBay, personally.


I am all about saving money when it comes to making a costume. As a result, I do a lot of basic fabric shopping on Amazon. Sometimes it’s necessary to request a sample. Here are a couple…

The burgundy looks great for the dress, but you’ll need to be sure to pick up a black velvet or something close (maybe even suede) for that long flowing cape.  Likely used to help us hide how old and ugly we’ve gotten until we get some more of that sweet sweet glowing Rapunzel hair action lol

The Wig

Now, Mother Gothel’s hair is probably the most crucial piece of the puzzle and I’ll be honest…I bought a pretty shitty one lol BUT – I’ll be making it work because this cosplay isn’t going to be a big go-to for me. I purchased this beauty from Amazon. I’m not sure I recommend it – but if you’re like me – it may work. I’ll still put some work into it to make everything lay right. My main problem is that I have a very short forehead – making those little front curly cues right into my eyes lol

The Wrap Up

I think this is an easy cosplay to make to pair with a princess – and still get to look pretty (unless you wanna go old and frail cause your Rapunzel wants to be stingy with that hair!). I’d love to see what you make! If I purchase one, I’ll be sure to give a review (I’d love to make it – but WHEW that fabric amount + tight budget = not gonna happen for A to Z any time soon)

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