Ariel’s Pearl Earrings DIY

Ariel’s Pearl Earrings DIY

When making my Ariel Pink Ballgown cosplay, I wanted to be in charge of how everything looked for the costume, including every accessory. This Ariel costume requires the pearl barrettes and earrings to be completed.

I looked all over the internet for affordable pearl or even fake pearl earrings…including Etsy and kept coming up with nothing QUITE right. it was important to me to find the ball stud with the teardrops that would dangle.

Well, push came to shove and I knew that I would need to make it. So, when making pearl-ish jewelry – go with Pearl colored clay, right? The Pearl clay from Sculpey was perfect, it gave the marbleized look to the jewelry that it needed to convey the proper aesthetic.

For the earring parts, you’ll need studs and eye pins. For making the clay stick to the earring backs really well, I used E600 craft glue. Which, honestly, should be in every cosplayer’s toolbox. Not to mention, if you do not have any kind of jewelry working equipment like wire cutters or anything like that, do yourself a favor and pick up this jewelry making kit from Amazon, it’s such a steal in comparison to what you can get at your local fabric store.

If you’re looking to get started on an Ariel Pink Ballgown cosplay – be sure to check out my blog post for recommendations on the best pattern to use 🙂 

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