Making Ariel’s Pearl Barrettes

Making Ariel’s Pearl Barrettes

supplies to make Ariel's pearl barrettesAlongside the creation of the pink ballgown from My Little Mermaid, the accessories are what really seal the deal.

In this specific cosplay, Ariel wears pearl barrettes. A lot of creators sell replicas for over $30 a piece. Which, honestly, is kinda of ridiculous. UNLESS it’s full on real pearls.

But, you know me, I came up with a cost-effective alternative. A trip to Michael’s gave way to the creation of these beautiful barrettes to really take my Ariel costume to another level.

12933058_979531232115217_296392084597423518_nMaterials Used:

Ariel's pearl barrettes with wig





I alternated the three different sized glass pearls on the barrettes to create a design that was close to the reference. I tested a couple of different adhesives and E600 was the only thing that actually stuck to the glass. Tacky Glue and Hot Glue are a no-go, so don’t bother lol.

I hope that you create your own as well and enjoy wearing them with pride with Ariel’s Pink Ballgown cosplay! Include them when you’re styling your Ariel wig like in this other blog post. Hope all the notes help!