It truly can become difficult to stay motivated when it comes to Cosplay. After taking about a month off from working on anything and going on vacation, Mike and I really need to get back to work.

How do you stay on track?

My, personal, biggest set back is that I have too many costumes on my “wish-list”. On top of that, too many of them are bigger projects (ie: Halo and Power Rangers) that require a bit more research than the standard character. Don’t get me wrong, so many costumes -look- simplistic, but then the next thing you know, they have huge obstacles that you end up having to be creative to overcome.

My secondarily top problem….I feel like I need to pre-empt so you don’t judge me.

I totally support Cosplay being for everyone! Are you a girl and you want to dress as the manliest character ever…then GO FOR IT! If you are a robust, curvy woman and you wanna dress as a bone-rail body type like the ladies in Claymore…DO IT! Don’t let body shaming stop you from doing whatever character or costume you want…I support it all! Now…to my opinion of myself…

I have not been body shamed or anything, but I am, by far, my toughest critic. My own personal goal is to try to match up with the body type of most of the characters that I try to recreate. Do I have the body of Scarlet Johanssen? Not at all….but thank goodness for the spandex being black and for the belts to draw your eyes away from directly looking at the belly.

Both Mike and I are both at the heaviest we have ever been and it makes us less excited about making costumes and characters that aren’t exactly anywhere near our current shape.

So…What do we do?

I think the big thing here is that we need to get back to work….On our costumes and on ourselves in order to feel back in the groove with A to Z Cosplay. Wish Us Luck!

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