Reward Yourself Along the Way!

Reward Yourself Along the Way!

triwizard_tank Four days since beginning my low carb journey to a newer, healthier lifestyle…I am seeing some results. I had a small set back on Saturday night. Essentially, don’t set a back of pretzels in front of a drunken Tracy…She will eat just to taste the salt on her tongue, apparently.

My start weight was 144. My heaviest weight in my life. This morning I weighed 141.

So, what do you do at this point?

Start setting yourself up so that things are easier for your to continue your new lifestyle. Also known as, it’s time to really put down a meal plan for yourself and get to grocery shopping for proper low carb meals and snacks. More fats, no grains…etc etc.

And motivate yourself!

Which is the real purpose of this blog post! I have set myself a goal…When I get down to 135 (because I like multiples of 5) I’m going to gift myself with this awesome Harry Potter themed fitness shirt! At that weight, I will most likely feel good enough to really start training….Running, pilates, yoga, etc on more of a regular basis. Not to mention, this was my favorite part of all of the Harry Potter books. Nothing beats book 4!


Do you use MyFitnessPal? Feel free to add me on there! I’m craziebeuteful1 and I’d love to help motivate you and have you on my team!

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