Another Weekend Spent on Periwinkle

Another Weekend Spent on Periwinkle

Fabric purchased last week

A trip to Joann’s yielded a great fabric find…I went with an Icy blue fabric for the outside and went darker for the inside. Granted, these colors look great, but a lot of painting will need to happen. (We’re looking for an airbrush to purchase now)

Periwinkle Tunic work

Using the mocked-up tunic I created, I made a paper pattern to match. Using my fabrics, I sewed it all together. The edges of the back piece haven’t been completed because I’m needing to test things out properly with the corset and wing harness (that means, extra bulk to account for).

Periwinkle Wig Work

I really am having a bear of a time with this crazy wig…I think I have almost depleted an entire bottle of studio-sized Got2Be Glued Spray on this sucker. Below the main hair, there is a HUGE ball of teased hair.

This costume is really starting to come together and I’m becoming incredibly exited to have it all done. Not only that, to wrap this one up, I’m looking forward to moving on to the next project. For December, this costume will be worn with many accompanying fairies for charity events and to attend Holiday Matsuri in Orlando. Stay tuned, it’s getting really exciting!

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