Tinkerbell and Friends

Periwinkle Mini Shoot by MZ Photography

While attending Holiday Matsuri back in December, MZ Photography (Mike Zettinig) and I took some time to catch a few shots while in Periwinkle for just my second time. We took advantage of the Caribe Royale Hotel's lush and beautiful landscaping.

Periwinkle Wig styled from Arda’s Malinda

Styling my first wig was no easy feat, but I am sooo sooo so happy with the result. Periwinkle is the sister to the most fairy of them all, Tinkerbell. She's a Frost fairy and lives in the Winter area of Pixie Hollow. Peri has a super cute little white do

BASE Camp Pixie Hollow with Guardians of Justice

Tinkerbell and Friends attend Children’s Cancer event!

In December of 2015, at the BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation Winter Christmas party, we finally debuted our Tinkerbell and her Fairy friends cosplay group. Last year, Mike and I had the ability to visit this party as Black Widow and Hawkeye, you can read that blog post by clicking

Wing Wednesday #4

OMG!!!! Could I be happier? The glitter is finally done! Not to mention, we have finally removed all of the tabs covering/protecting the lights on the Tinkerbell and Periwinkle wings.

Wing Wednesday #3

This Wednesday was just for G and I to get our second side finished with our colored and irridescent glitters. Valarie was sick so she didn't join.

Wing Wednesday #2

This was the first Wednesday that we got to start getting dirty with our wings. Know what that means? GLITTER!!! And LOTS of it! Purple for Vidia, Green for Tinkerbell, and Blue for Periwinkle. We're added colored glitter to the parts closest to our bodies and to the tips of the wings. The