Periwinkle Wig styled from Arda’s Malinda

Periwinkle Wig styled from Arda’s Malinda

Periwinkle wig A to Z CosplayStyling my first wig was no easy feat, but I am sooo sooo so happy with the result. Periwinkle is the sister to the most fairy of them all, Tinkerbell. She’s a Frost fairy and lives in the Winter area of Pixie Hollow.

Peri has a super cute little white do with extreme bangs. As a person who often purchases crappy wigs, I knew that I needed to really invest in a good wig for styling.

After tons of research, I decided on the Arda Wigs Malinda classic in Silver. I felt as if going with straight white was going to be too bright and that grey was way too dark. When the wig came in, the color was PERFECT!

However, the fit of the wig on my title little head left much to be desired.

You can totally tell the disappointment in my face. The length across the forehead was way too long in comparison to my ear distance. Also, I get a huge gap in the back after putting together the elastic. I was super concerned and didn’t know what to do. Especially since Arda has an EXTREME return policy…

Did you put the wig on? Don’t return it. Believe us, we’ll know.

So, I knew I was stuck with it. But, thankfully, I was able to work through it and the the styling made all the difference.

Even with the use of extreme teasing and Got2Be Glued hairspray / gel, the hair couldn’t stand up on its own yet…So, I started getting upset not sure what to do next. Of course, I went to the Facebook world for assistance. Pink Justice Cosplay recommended that I watch this video on using foam bases inside of wigs.

While the video doesn’t quite help directly with my wig, but over time, it really lit a light bulb for me. I bought a white cube of floral foam from Michaels. Then, I sanded it down with my dremel and ended up with the final product to hot glue into place.

Using the foam helped me with putting the hair into place and to deal with the weight. I used hot glue to attach the hair to the foam and yay for the foam being white, it helped with having to hide the color.

After all the hair was in place, I put the wig on and started tripping the hair with thinning scissors from Sally’s. It was awesome to not use blunt scissors when it came to the cut. I left the bottom of the hair a little long to cover anywhere that my “baby” hairs may show.

Periwinkle Wig - A to Z Cosplay - Arda Wig Malinda classicOnce I was happy with the cut and how it looked best on my head, I finished things off with Got2Be hair spray and gel.

When wearing the wig, I finished everything by attaching with white bobby pins underneath. I pinned the bangs back behind my elf ears to cover anything else that may peep under.

And that’s it. That’s how I styled my first wig for the frost fairy Periwinkle!

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