Author: Tracy of A to Z Cosplay

Mario pattern review

Yes! Another Nintendo pattern! Making my family cosplay dreams come true! To go along with my Princess Peach, Mike would be my Mario. This pattern review is focused on the Simplicity 8478 pattern, which is a licensed Nintendo product.  Pros Accuracy! So accurate! Also, it has you add topstitching to almost all of

13 DayZ of Halloween

We did it! 13 costumes worn by the newest addition to the A to Z family! This little cutie was so patient with his crazy momma while wearing everything from Charlie Brown to Woody from Toy Story. Last year, while pregnant with Zayden we got incredibly lucky and happened to walk into

Ariel’s Pearl Earrings DIY

When making my Ariel Pink Ballgown cosplay, I wanted to be in charge of how everything looked for the costume, including every accessory. This Ariel costume requires the pearl barrettes and earrings to be completed. I looked all over the internet for affordable pearl or even fake pearl earrings

Zayden is Scooby Doo

Scooby Scooby Doo, Where are you? We have finally put our little guy into one of his many costumes that was purchased before he was even born. Scooby Doo is just one of many to come in Zayden's costuming debut lol We're happy to finally share him on this website. Cosplay really