Author: Tracy of A to Z Cosplay

Making Ariel’s Pink Ballgown

The project was a long time coming. Ariel is by far my favorite princess and I have always wanting to bring her to life. With the charity work that Mike and I do, kids always love to see a Princess

DIY Truffula Trees for Dr Seuss Nursery

In deciding on accessories that would need to go into Zayden's Dr Seuss nursery, I knew that truffula trees would have to be featured. These beautiful little trees are iconic in the Seuss-world. So what do you need to make these little beauties yourself

Baby Announcement: A to Z is Expecting!

A to Z is becoming 3! We're so happy to announce that we will be bringing a beautiful little boy into the world in 2017. Our due date is February 8th 2017, but we all know that doesn't really mean that much lol. We've had a blast announcing our news to our

Ariel Pink Dress Photoshoot At MegaCon

MegaCon 2016 was the debut of my Ariel pink ballgown cosplay. This costume was a dream come true to create. While I have to admit that it was tighter on me than intended, it made sense afterwards when I discovered that I was pregnant with the first A to Z

Making Ariel’s Pearl Barrettes

In this specific cosplay, Ariel wears pearl barrettes. A lot of creators sell replicas for over $30 a piece. Which, honestly, is kinda of ridiculous. UNLESS it's full on real pearls. But, I always come up with a cost-effective alternative.

Making Hawkeye’s Costume

When creating v2 of Hawkeye, I knew that I wanted to make the vest as accurate as possible. The first version I created was quickly made utilizing a combat vest with straps removed and over-laid with a maroon design on the front. It worked fine for a while, but I

Jack Sparrow Photo Shoot with TGC Photography

Back in 2015 Mike had the pleasure of being part of a Zombie Princess shoot. Now, from the specific statement, you would think that he would have been either a princess or a prince, or even a zombie, but they requested a Jack Sparrow for the zombie princesses to chase.

Ariel Wig Using Arda’s Silky Claudia in Scarlet

For my Ariel pink ballgown cosplay, I knew that I would need the perfect color red for my wig. After doing some internet research, I found the ideal color from Arda Wigs called Scarlet. Scarlet is a Silky Arda wig, it's Classic equivalent would be Apple Red. Now, the reason I