Last Pattern Sale at Joann’s : Butterrick

Last Pattern Sale at Joann’s : Butterrick

Joann's pattern sale : Butterrick

The last pattern sale of Joann’s was also the weekend of MegaCon…But it could NOT be missed. We took advantage of purchasing 10 new patterns for us to use on future cosplays. The big drive for the Butterrick sale for us was all the accessory pattern that they had available. I’m super excited to give the leather ones a try! Not to mention…I have been trying to beef up my pattern collection for when it comes to “normal” clothes. Some are aware that I am a huge fan of ModCloth and would really love to make my own original outfits like those…WITHOUT that crazy price tag attached. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of sewing with the beginning of May. April has been a CRAZY month and it ends with me turning THIRTY!! *blush*

These will probably be our last pattern purchases until the next sales that roll around to Joann’s or Hobby Lobby…It really does pay to wait around for pattern sales and stock up! (BTW, the photos suck and I’m sorry…was in a hurry and I didn’t pay attention to the light quality with my cell phone)

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