Making Hawkeye’s Quiver (Avengers)

Making Hawkeye’s Quiver (Avengers)

FinishedQuiverThinking about making a Hawkeye costume? Well, no archer is complete without his quiver and arrows. This Avenger is no different.

I created the design of my Hawkeye quiver from a case study from the 1st Avengers movie. I just studied a lot of movie stills and took notice to how it sat on his back.

Hawkeye_Quiver_AtoZCosplay_1After guessing on a size comparison to my height, I measured it out on some graph paper and drew it out, and used that for a pattern. This gave me an excellent real-life example of what I was making.

This is essentially how the entire build began. I knew then I wanted to make it out of foam (so that it would light to carry) and it was my first time utilizing it, so it was a lot of trial and error.

The Build

Making use of the grid paper pattern I made to scale, I began cutting foam. EVA floor mat foam was used for the main form and final details were added with craft foam. To strengthen the entire unit, I used wooden dowels in the interior. The dowels allowed for the entire quiver to be extremely secure in shape.
I started with the top and bottom ovals with the wooden dowels running through them. Once I had this base, I was able to put the pattern around it before cutting it out in the foam. I used Barge Cement glue for the foam and that stuff is excellent. If you plan on doing ANY foam work, you simply MUST have it on hand!!

The Arrows

I also used wooden dowels for the arrows and ordered black knocks and fletchings from an archery store. This way I was able to make black arrows, this way was more cost-effective. If I was to buy 2 dozen real black arrows it would have cost me a fortune.
I just used black spray paint to make everything black.

The Arrow-Heads

Then I created some basic arrow tips out of larger wooden dowels and then painted them chrome.
When I say basic, I mean basic for an Avenger. I attempted to make some of the ridiculous ones like the poison arrow, using a vial in the center.
The coolest part, however, is that I made two arrows removable. Because I mostly do charity work and conventions in costume, weapons are discouraged and arrows can be dangerous, especially when accompanied by a bow. So, most of the arrows are secured into place, but I made two special ones that have the heads attached to the dowel but rare earth magnets, able to snap on and off.

Final Product + Attachment to Vest

Luckily I already had the perfectly colored acrylic paint around from my Hawkeye V 1.0 and that’s what I used to detail the piece. I did actually install screws into the foam for added effect, too.
Want to see how I made the vest, too? Check it out here.

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