Yoda Headband Tutorial DIY

Yoda Headband Tutorial DIY

Lily in her yoda headband in a light saber battleYou may not know this about me, but I have a lot of nieces and nephews that aren’t blood related. Making gifts for them is one of my favorite things, like ever!

Recently, I attending Lily’s 3rd Birthday party. It was full-on Princess everything themed.

Everything from Ariel to Cinderella to Rapunzel to Aurora and Snow White was represented. And, of course, I roll in with a completely off-the-wall gift for the little princess herself.

In talks with her mother, my good friend of over 10 years – Lisa, I discovered that outside of Lily’s current fascination with princesses, she was also becoming a huge fan of Star Wars, especially Yoda.

So, the challenge was set…What could I make this little girl that would be something special, unique, and something she’d totally love?

Well, I made Lily her very own set of Yoda ears! I accompanied them with a small party-favor light saber.

Love them? Well, they’re SUPER easy to make…

The Materials

Looking around the house, I found everything I needed without having to run to the store…

Materials to create a Yoda headbandDark green material

Bright green felt

Hot glue

Hot glue gun


Poly-fill for fluff

Sewing Machine or Needle for hand-stitching

Construction Process

I started by drawing out the main shape of the Yoda ears on paper. I cut out 4 of them from the dark green fabric. This gave me a front and back for each ear.

Next, I went to the sewing machine and laid stitches along the outer edge on both so that I could turn them both right side out to stuff with the poly-fill. I consider not doing this and just gluing the pieces together, but I wanted them to have more structure.

I used the dark green ears to decide the size  and shape of the “interior” of the ear in bright green felt. After cutting these out, I moved on to the headband. I cut out strips of the dark green fabric to wrap around the headband. Surprisingly, it took more length that I originally thought.

I had to think about it before getting started when it came to attaching the ears to the headband. One big issue I had to think about was placement. Yoda’s ears seem to come out straight from the sides…and my head is bigger than a 3 yr old’s…so I had to kind of guess at it.

So, I opened up the ends of the ear, laying the overlaps over and under the head band. I laid a bit of hotglue for the top of the headband to kind of stick to the fluff inside the ear. Added a bit more hot glue and wrapped the back side of the overlap across, then did the same with the front flap (making the front look better than the back).

The Finished Product

Yoda headband test fit - pardon the makeupAnd ta-da you have a set of Yoda Ears that totally rock.
Of course you want to give yourself a test fitting before you wrap them up to give away.

I was quite pleased with them.

They’re not super refined or super accurate, but you have to remember the imagination of a child can make something awesome out of anything.

Making these for Lily allowed me to  give her something special for her 3rd birthday that she’ll remember and my band account won’t.



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